Web Collaboration

For publishers, blogs, websites, and internal enterprise.
Streamline feedback and boost engagement on sites.
Kontxt's collaboration layer enhances any digital content with localized discussions on page parts.
Add any URL or document to enable real-time collaboration on it by direct upload or with the Kontxt Chrome Extension.
Or add collaboration on your own sites directly or with the Kontxt WordPress Plugin.
  • Highlights enrich user interaction on the page.
  • Comments allow communication on specific parts of the website.
  • Polls enable feedback from users.
  • Authorize who and how someone can use your site.
  • Metrics dashboard lets you analyze user behavior to understand how users interact with specific parts of your content.
  • Add your own highlights for emphasis or to add additional information.
  • Let users respond to highlights with comments and poll submissions to increase user engagement.
  • Allow users to add their own highlights, comments, and polls.
  • Optionally show advertisements on the sides of opened highlights.
  • Enable deep links to highlights for direct sharing and to drive more traffic to your page.
Comments & Polls
  • Add comments and polls to both the entire page and specific highlights to collect feedback and promote discussions.
  • Enable deep links to comments and polls to let users share directly and drive more traffic to your page.
  • @Mentions send notifications to users with deep links to capture their attention and drive conversations.
  • Let users collaborate with each other to keep them on your site longer and compel them to return.
  • Moderate comments and polls to prevent negative contributions and control your brand.
  • Granular sharing permissions let you control who and how people can access your site. Make annotations for users read-only, submission-only for comments and polls, or let them collaborate and add their own highlights.

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