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The New Social Web
Collect and share bite-sized article highlights.
Discover with people, groups, and feeds.
Social Web Layer with CMS and Social Network.
For fun, school, and work.
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How it works

Turn the web into an interactive workspace.
Highlight the best parts of the web.
Connect, share, and discover with others.


Quality sources from trusted people.
Short, useful, and fast to read.
Save, organize, and share with context.
Engage on sites. Share highlights.
See people's highlights. Or make your own.
Add to any site. Engage inline. Or see in feeds.
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Follow people. Join groups. Explore public stuff.
Powerful web collaboration tools. Social CMS.
Shareable links, so it works everywhere.
Share here. And to your other social platforms.
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More than a headline, less than an article.
Just the good parts.
See metrics of what you share.
Views and clicks of shares and banners.
CMS with folders, groups, and permissions.
Social network with content discovery.
Save time and focus on what matters.

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