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Kontxt is a hosted and on-premise solution that enables communication on specific parts of digital content.
Centralize communication directly on digital content with localized feedback on page parts, so discussions are clear, organized, and accessible by anyone at any time. Instantly link people to specific sections and rapidly navigate key parts to quickly bring people up to speed. Stay organized with tags on documents, page parts, comments, and content across all your other CMS systems. Everything's where you need it, when you need it.
Marketing & Sales
Strategize directly on marketing materials to keep content creators, reviewers, and managers across different divisions aligned and in sync. Track the effectiveness of your materials with analytics. Turn marketing material into in-bound sales leads by converting dull static content into engaging interactive experiences to communicate directly with future customers. Sales can customize materials for specific prospects and chat with leads directly on content to help close deals faster.
Streamline document review and contract management between paralegals, lawyers, partners, and internal and external stakeholders. Highlight key information, collaborate with localized discussions on specific page parts, mention people to instantly link them to specific content when and where they're needed. Tag documents, page parts, and comments to stay organized. A condensed overview to quickly bring new people up to speed, and rapid navigation for efficient review.
Operations & Finance
Identify critical information for summary and examination.  Collaborate on financial policies, procedures, and proposals. Indicate key parts on budgets, reports, and financial documents to have targeted discussions and resolve confusion. Pinpoint areas for audits, regulations, and compliance. Instantly link people across divisions to specific page parts for quick confirmation and clarification.
Web Development
Collect feedback directly on digital content. Collaborate on designs and websites with clear and organized feedback on specific page parts. Facilitate communication between content creators, designers, developers, managers, and clients directly on digital content to keep everyone coordinated.
Engineering, Research, & Development
Collaborate during project planning and review. Highlight useful information and comment on documents, designs, and websites. Organize resources with tags and folders. Share and communicate on content with colleagues by instantly linking them to specific parts and rapid navigation between key sections.
Training & Onboarding
Turn any digital content into an interactive educational aid with real-time collaboration to enable localized discussions and polls on page parts for increased engagement and learning. Collect feedback to improve training materials. Promote knowledge sharing between employees to let them learn and grow together.
Leadership & Management
Speedily share and review information. The fastest and simplest way for leaders to review key parts of documents and ask questions to specific people at precise parts. The most efficient tool to share thoughts and responses with employees to demonstrate vision and direction, or address concerns in the media.
ADA Compliance
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Help employees with additional needs fulfill tasks and complete requirements with the use of visual enhancements and improved navigation to save time, maintain focus, and increase engagement.
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