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Kontxt turns any document or website into an interactive educational aid or assignment.
On-site & Distance Learning
Turn any document or website into an interactive customized educational aid or assignment to increase engagement and enhance learning. Easily create, assign, and grade assignments for homework, class work, discussions, and quizzes with real-time collaboration. Save time, money, and enjoy the convenience of online content instead of the head-ache and stress of racing around to print them out.
Content Management
Organize students and teachers into groups with related materials for digital classrooms, department meetings, curriculum reviews, and oversight by department heads. Materials are accessible anywhere anytime with controls over who and how people can access content. It's the fastest and simplest way to create, distribute, and collaborate on educational materials.
Digital Curriculum
Build a reusable digital curriculum that can be easily created, shared, used, and customized by other instructors. If one instructor finds a resource useful, it's likely another instructor in the same subject will, too. Distribute the work over all instructors to each find a small number of quality resources that collectively comprise an entire curriculum, which can be reviewed and approved by department heads and school leadership. Optionally share resources between schools for a unified curriculum or to find the best resources from everyone.
IDEA Compliance
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Provide support and enhanced guidance for students' Individual Education Plans. Help students with additional needs to fulfill tasks and complete requirements with the use of visual enhancements and rapid navigation to save time, maintain focus, and increase engagement. Track student progress over time with polls and analytics. Easily share resources for review with parents and leadership.
Web Highlighter
Enhance websites and documents with interactive highlights, comments, speedy navigation between key parts, and instantly link people to specific sections. Students always highlight books and printouts and add notes, but now mostly learn from the web. Let students annotate information online and benefit from increased collaboration.
Plan, Organize, & Research
Plan writing papers or solidify learning different subjects with highlights on important parts of articles and collect your thoughts and notes in localized comments on page parts. Stay organized with tags on content, save useful resources, and group annotated articles into folders. Keep research private, or share and collaborate with colleagues and instructors.
Find Quality Content
Find quality articles that other students saved, annotated, and shared to save time and learn more quickly and comprehensively. If one student finds an article helpful, it's likely other students will, too. Let students learn and grow together. Students learn from the best resources found over time from current and previous students.
Personal Library
Save articles and localized notes on page parts for the future, since you never know when you might need it, again. A centralized personal library makes it significantly faster and easier to both find and relearn information from the original source instead of wasting time searching for new material that describes the same concept differently.
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