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Kontxt is a social web highlighter that lets you find and share the best parts of the web.
Integrative Blog
Use as an integrative micro blogging platform and write responses inline on articles to maintain context, enhance integrity, and grow readership. Enhance articles with engaging interactive features like highlights, comments, and polls that stimulates users and compels them to share your content. Communicate directly with users to build a deeper connection and make the experience more meaningful. Granular sharing permissions let you control who and how people can access your content.
Share with Context
Enhance websites and documents with highlights so people know why you're sharing it with them and where to look. Instantly link people to specific sections for convenience and to reduce response times. Communicate on specific page parts to make discussions clear and organized. A condensed overview and speedy navigation between key parts quickly brings people up to speed. Control who and how people can access your site with granular sharing permissions. Centralize collaboration directly on digital content so it's accessible by anyone at any time.
Find Quality Content
Find quality articles that family, friends, industry experts, celebrities, and the world saved, annotated, and shared to save time and review more quickly and comprehensively. If someone finds an article valuable, it's likely someone else will, too. Let everyone share and grow together. Access the best resources on the web curated by everyone over time. It's a human filter of the world wide web that's enhanced with personal contributions.
Personal Library
Save articles you annotated with highlights and localized notes on page parts to preserve the article's importance to you, since you never know when you might need it, again. Stay organized with tags on content, and articles grouped into folders. A centralized personal library makes it significantly faster and easier to find and relearn information from the original source instead of wasting time searching for new material that describes the same concept differently.
Research & Plan
Research and plan for personal projects, learning, vacations, recipes, and more! Switch jobs? Baby on the way? New pet? Send and receive the best information from people you trust. Why start from scratch? Jumpstart your search with publically shared resources from people you trust.
Convert PDFs to Websites
Convert PDFs to websites to make them easily shareable with a link. Control who can access it and what they can do. Collaborate inline on the document to keep feedback close to the source and prevent lost communication in emails and chat systems.
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