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Kontxt adds engaging interactive features to your website that's meaningful to your audience.
Increase user engagement and keep visitors longer with captivating interactive user-generated content that's visible as they scroll. Let publishers, celebrities, and users connect and collaborate to build meaningful relationships together. Differentiate your content from competitors with a unique lively experience that stimulates users and compels them to come back to your site, and share it with others. Increase traffic with shareable deep links to page parts, social integrations, and notifications. Works everywhere, on devices from desktop to mobile, and including Google AMP.
Boost revenue with nested ads on the sides of comments and polls that expand from highlights. This dynamic foldable ad system creates unlimited screen real-estate to show more ads than ever before. Enhance ad performance with unobstructive ads that work with users natural workflows while they view your content instead of costly and ineffective banner and interstitial ads that interrupt and frustrate them.
View advanced website analytics to understand how users interact with specific parts of your content. Identify and promote trending user-generated content for better user experience and the bottom line. Evaluate past content performance and discover what captivates your audience to create future content that appeals to them most. Maximize ROI and create the ideal experience that drives your business metrics.
Community Management
Review and approve user interactions before it's shown on your site to filter out bad actors and negative contributions to maintain control over your brand. Don't let a few bad apples tarnish your brand, or harass and bully other users. Communicate directly with real users on specific page parts to learn about what they want, expect, and need in terms of content, products, services, and support. Collect user feedback that's essential for research, design improvements, post feature launches, etc.
It automatically adapts to your site's look and feel or you can set the styles. Alter interactions based on the purpose of the content. Granular sharing permissions let you control who and how people can access your site. Make annotations for users read-only, submission-only for comments and polls, or let them collaborate and add their own highlights.
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